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Our Green Policy

At Signworld we are extremely dedicated in ensuring that our entire operation from design right through to the manufacturing and finishing processes create as little waste as is practically possible. We have formed strong relationships with recyclers and through careful considerations and discussions with our supply chains, have formed a safe purchasing policy which has assisted us in better identifying and understanding the materials that we use within our manufacturing processes which has in turn enabled us to dramatically reduced our environmental carbon footprint. We appreciate the terrible impact on the environment that unrecycled waste has, which is why we have developed strict standards and guidelines when purchasing materials and the likely effect that any waste may have on the environment.

Of course in the current day it is almost impossible in a manufacturing environment to have a neutral carbon footprint but through our carefully considered decisions on the purchase of materials we have managed to dramatically reduce our own footprint by as much as 60% in an ever conscious world of cost. We realise that our efficient waste management programme inevitably costs a little more which has an effect on the final cost of our finished products, we of course hope that our many clients appreciate our efforts in finding ways in which to make our world a greener and more pleasant one in which to live in by continuing to support our efforts.

We actively recycle all of our waste paper and cardboard with licensed contractors. We have a vigilante 'off-cut' usage policy, which ensures that every scrap of material we purchase is used well. When it comes to installations, we work hard to reduce our carbon footprint and increase the fuel economy of all of our vehicles.

Our green policies don't stop with our recycling. We work closely with our clients to ensure high efficiency and reduce costs. We use sustainable, low energy products, such as LED's and aluminium composite materials. This environmentally friendly approach is now standard within our group.

Thanks to every member of the team, suppliers and clients, for actively participating and supporting our environmentally friendly programme, The Signworld Group is helping to do its part on a daily basis.


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